About Us

T.I.C. Ltd Trading Investments

About Us

Trading Investments Company L.T.D. (T.I.C.) is an international business company that has been incorporated the 2nd day of February 2015 at the number: M/753167 in the British Virgin Island.

The company is explicitly authorized to perform any and all licit activities which are in relationship to consultancy and banking investments program.

T.I.C. provides its advisory and consultancy services for what concerns the technical aspects of the use of automated trading systems; the advisory services related to investment strategies are provided through proprietary softwares.

Moreover, T.I.C. holds a know how that gives us the capability to satisfy any demand for softwares development and to provide financial and economic education and training.

During the last 6 years T.I.C.'s founders have developed several softwares that are proprietary and that have different ways of use; these softwares have been tested and monitored from years in constant WFA and WFO, and they are registered as T.I.C.'s intellectual propriety at the Copyright Office, or they are patents.



This software interacts remotely with T.I.C. Ltd’s Centre of analysis, drawing on logics and functions in order to calculate some key indications for an exact analysis of the market; these indications are synthetically reported on the analysed graph, like any other Indicator.
To every service T-100 subscribed corresponds an account of connection, thus the client can use an unlimited amount of platforms, analysing any graph in any Time Frame, provided that they are corresponding to the same account.
With the software also the informative brochure is given, which explains the installation procedures and also all the details of the analysis that the software makes; all this is supplemented by examples in order to render the use of the informations provided easier and avalaible even for the neophytes of trading.    » Read more


This is a software that executes transactions on the Forex Market with the goal of creating +10% monthly performance rate, with a statistical draw down of -10%.
It has a safety threshold beyond which the software stops executing transactions; this threshold is of +15% and of -29,99%. 
The probability that in the period of time of one solar (calendar) month the result is between 0% and 10% is of the 80%.
That the result is between -10% and 0% is of 10%.
That the result is between +10% and +15% is of 9,90%.
The critical event of -29,99% has never occurred in the last 5 years, yet the possibility has been esteemed to be 0,1%.
On a yearly basis this software has registered the 85% of the months in profit.    » Read more