T.I.C. Ltd Trading Investments


We, at the Trading Investment Company LTD, have the goal to work in the financial field: br/> in a transparent way: giving objective true explainations that can be checked, explaining clearly the source of the results, highlighting the expences and costs without any surprise;

in a substainable way, aiming to gain our customer's loyalty: we wish to work with a customer the longer time that is possible, for this reason we work for his/her interest, as we do on behalf of all our counterparties;

putting our money: first of all it is our money to be connected to each PAMM program, so if our client gains or looses it is the same for us; the principles of Prudence and Foresight are at the basis of all and each one of our decisions;

having a common interest: it is at the same time our and our counterparts' interests to gain money, with our method we do not have any conflict of interest, nor with the final client neither with any other countepart;

in an accessible way: being able to offer low cost services and even with a low monetary engagement, in order to let everyone access to the financial world without the necessity of going through superstructures wich are sometimes unusefull and expensive.