T.i.c. Ltd Trading Investments


This is a software that executes transactions on the Forex Market with the goal of creating +10% monthly performance rate, with a statistical draw down of -10%.
It has a safety threshold beyond which the software stops executing transactions; this threshold is of +15% and of -29,99%. 
The probability that in the period of time of one solar (calendar) month the result is between 0 % and 10% is of the 80%.
That the result is between -10% and 0% is of 10%.
That the result is between +10% and +15% is of 9,90%.
The critical event of -29,99% has never occurred in the last 5 years, yet the possibility has been esteemed to be 0,1%.
On a yearly basis this software has registered the 85% of the months in profit.
The system’s stability is based on the fact that it works on all the crosses at the same time, with a very low risk for each transaction, keeping an exposition without any risk to violate the margin call.

Method of delivery

This software is hired by the Company; the service provided by the T.I.C. deals also with its maintenance and other technical aspects. The software is installed on a Pamm, thus it is necessary, in order to access the service, to sign a POA which will give the consent to execute on one’s own account; therefore, it must not be confused as an investment advisory service, nor as a portfolio management service.
The hiring and maintenance service involves an anticipated monthly fee with no possibility of curtailment from the account nor of postponing of the service itself.

Cost for the Hiring of the T-1000 Service

The rental fee is a fixed cost of 2% calculated on the deposit. This amount remains unchanged until the 31st of December of each Year.


1st Stage: 

Open a real account with the Broker KEY TO MARKET
2nd Stage: 
Send an email from the form having the object "Service T-1000" and in its text :
a) declare Your will to be connected to the service T-1000;
b) indicate the references of the account’s holder;
c) provide the number of the account and the name of the Broker;
d) indicate the amount of the account, for the calculation of the cost of the service.

These informations are necessary in order to prepare the documents for the opening up of the service; then You will receive, as soon as possible, an email with the instructions for the compilation of the Attached Documents, that You will have to sign and send to the T.I.C.Ltd.

3rd Stage:  Within 2 working days You will receive the following documents:
a) T-1000 contract
b) POA
c) Fees payment authorization
in an email with all the descriptive details of the attached documents.

4rd Stage: Print the documents mentioned in the 3rd stage, complete the forms in them, sign them, scan them and send them all to the T.I.C.’s mail address:


1) The procedure must be ready within the last 2 working days of the Month in order to start the Month that follows.

2) In case one wants to increase the capital that is processed by T-1000, we kindly suggest to open a further new account and to repeat the procedure for its connection to our service, this pursuing the objective of being able to follow the development and trend of an account in the way as clear and exact as possible.
What the Service does not include

The Forex Market being an OTC market has in itself a technological risk, for this reason if the orders should not be respected by the Broker, the possible losses cannot be ascribed to the T.I.C.Ltd.; nevertheless, with many years of experience, the T.I.C. has chosen its Brokers for the high quality of the infrastructure of their Backoffices, that distinguished themselves through their excellent work even in those days in which the Market has suffered some upheavals. 
Trading Investment Company Ltd. does not have a contract of employment as Introducer with the broker, for this reason it does not supply any service of consultancy or advice for what concerns the procedure for the opening of the account by the broker, nor for what concerns the conditions and terms of the deposit and withdrawal of the capital.