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  • The person who has registered the Domain of this website is an employee of TRADING INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD., incorporated with the Number M/753167 at the Register of international business companies of B.V.I., registered Office: CITCO Building, Wickhams Cay, P.O. Box 662, Road Town Tortola BVI, and he therefore acts in the name and on behalf of the above mentioned Company.

For this reason no responsability can be asserted against the Provider/Operator/Owner of the service who is hosting the website www.ltdtic.com in relationship to any text or pictures that will be published, or to any consequence or damages to things and/or persons that may as a result occur.

The web pages on the website are realized on the basis of the documentation provided by TRADING INVESTMENT COMPANY L.T.D., the owner of the domain www.ltdtic.com, and TRADING INVESTMENT COMPANY L.T.D. will remain the sole subject responsible for what concerns the text, the legimacy of the images and of their content, and also for the declarations expressed in the text.

From this moment the subject "www.ltdtic.com" is and will be, for extension, referred to as INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD, to the domain’s owner, to the domain’s operator and to the Provider, excepted in case of an express different specification.

The website www.ltdtic.com will make any reasonable effort in order to guarantee the accuracy and veracity of the informations and that these will be up dated: nevertheless, unintentional errors or omissions cannot be completely excluded, thus the User is invited to always verify the accuracy of the informations contained.

The website www.ltdtic.com will be no way responsible for the use that shall be made of this disclosure and for and any possible damage that should happen as a direct or indirect result of this use.

Moreover, the www.ltdtic.com will not be responsible for what concerns the content of ipertextual websites connected to the domain www.ltdtic.com, because they are completely out of any kind of control by the domain itself: for this reason all the risks related to the use of those websites will be totally borne by the User.


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By accessing a website for sole adults as www.ltdtic.com is, You, User, declare what follows:

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Although www.ltdtic.com makes all the efforts in order to assure the reliability of the informations contained in the website in the moment of their publication, nor www.ltdtic.com and neither its contractual partners can give any guarantee or explicit assurance (even on behalf of third parties) for what concerns the correctness, the truthfulness and thoroughness of the informations contained in the websitewww.ltdtic.com.

Any possible comments or further informations that are on the website can be modified anytime without any previous warning.

www.ltdtic.com does not guarantee and does not bear any responsability for what concerns the fact that the functions contained in the website are free from interruptions or errors, or that the website itself or the hosting server are free from viruses or from other potentially dangerous components.


Within the limits provided for in the existing laws www.ltdtic.com. is not responsible of financial losses, of any direct or indirect damages, even those occurred to one’s image, that the Users or third parties should possibly suffer as a consequence of the use of T.I.C.’s website or of T.I.C.’s Services.

By accepting the conditions of access to the websitewww.ltdtic.com, the User accepts to be the sole responsible of the textual contents, of the images and also of the losses of earnings that should possibly result from them.


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This both if the user, by activating a link, leaves the website www.ltdtic.com or if the presentation is inside the website itself and, in this last case, that the provider of informations in an external website cannot be clearly identified. The connection with, and/or the searching and consultation inside third parties’ websites is completely at the User’s peril and risk.


The data protection is considered by www.ltdtic.com as very important.

Visiting the website the User has the possibility to decide which personal informations he wants to release.

Nevertheless, we remind that with the access inside our website and the reading of the newsletters page we will automatically have the provision of informations that consent us to verify in what way the visitor uses our website and the newsletters and which ones, among the others, are mostly followed.

The processing of data by ourselves or by third parties – with the exclusion of the providing of services requested by the User himself – shall be with the sole objective to facilitate access to informations of the individual visitor of the website www.ltdtic.com, it is thus aimed at the visitors’ interests and necessities, and at statistical and market purposes both for us and for third parties.

The processing of data will enable us to target our website and our service offers to the Users’needs.

We also reserve to process Users’ data for the purpose of a market analysis and in order to spread the interest for the services that we offer.

We expressly exclude any other kind of use of the User’s personal data, and in particular the sale of them to third parties.

As a customer, the User has the right to obtain informations about the content of his own data.

Information note published within the meaning of Art.13 of the Italian D. Lgs 196/03 – Code concerning the protection of personal data – to those who log on to the website www.ltdtic.com.


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The User has anyway the possibility to set his internet browers in such way that he will receive a signal before the cookies are registered, or he can also block them automatically. In this way it is possible to decide indipendently whether accept or not cookies.

Sending an email to the TRADING INVESTMENTS COMPANY through the website www.ltdtic.com. You will be subscribed to the newsletters with the purpose of receiving more informations, relating for instance to announcements of particular or special events, or having informative/advertising purpose.

We also remind that we usually send unencrypted emails and that thus there could be the risk that data are intercepted and read by third subjects.


If You don’t want to receive any longer newsletters from our website www.ltdtic.com, You just have to send an email to info@ticltd.it having the object: “cancellation from newsletter”.