T.I.C. Ltd Trading Investments


Newly born in T.I.C. Ltd, it is not, this time, a real EXPERT ADVISOR, but a whole of automated indicators supplying an analysis of the market phases through a summary of techniques.

It is able to establish whether the cross that we are analyzing is in such a stage that the models of technical analysis (trend lines, Indicators ecc…) can be applied in order to establish tendencies, inversions, congestions, and everything concerning the technical analysis, or if instead we are in a stage where the Uncertainty Principle invalidates any applicable model. It is a software that is designed to work on the platform Metatrader4; even though it has been engineered like an expert advisor, it does not make entries,instead it processes the datas like an Indicator.

The software is provided paying a monthly fee, that comprehends also the services of software maintening, control and updating.

The provision is supplied giving the software to the customer, who will install it on his platform following the suggestions and advices that are written in detail in the brochure of the service.

This software interacts remotely with T.I.C. Ltd’s Centre of analysis, drawing on logics and functions in order to calculate some key indications for an exact analysis of the market; these indications are synthetically reported on the analysed graph, like any other Indicator.

To every service T-100 subscribed corresponds an account of connection, thus the client can use an unlimited amount of platforms, analysing any graph in any Time Frame, provided that they are corresponding to the same account.

With the software also the informative brochure is given, which explains the installation procedures and also all the details of the analysis that the software makes; all this is supplemented by examples in order to render the use of the informations provided easier and avalaible even for the neophytes of trading.

Synthetically the functions are the following ones:
a) Consolidation of the trend: an arrow on the Time Frame in which T-100 is inserted. It indicates the inclination, and thus the direction, of a consolidated trend; it can be an arrow with its point directed up or down. The arrow indicates a consolidated trend to any possible degree of intensity: whether it is just started, if it is in a developing stage or if it is in a stage of breakdown.

b) Inversion/continuation patterns : the spherical objects in red and blue are drawn at the end of the period (candlestick). This appears when the price is beyond the background sound that the market creates, because in all the Time Frames there is an average fluctuation, and this both when the market is flat in a range of prices and when it is in an up or down trend phase.
The spheres indicate a period of extreme strength of the trend, it can be seen that:
1. if the candlestick is of inversion (for instance Morningstar), the meaning of the inversion is stronger;
2. if the signal of inversion appears together with other indications provided by T-100, then the probability of the inversion will be even much higher.

c) Signal of overtrend: the horizontal dashed lines of different colours indicate some levels of maximum excursion of the price in a time interval:

  • red and bright blue = one day
  • yellow and orange = one week
  • deep blue and violet = one month

Statistically the price has a 68% possibilities to remain within the ranges established by these signals. d) Words written in yellow "Cross corr": it indicates how many crosses are linked together (for instance on Eur/USD if it is written “Cross corr: primary 4 secondary 3” it means that there are 4 markets linked where EUR is present, and 3 where USD is present). Extremely important information in order to determine on which crosses among the 28 ones we must in that moment concentrate our attention.

d) Action price: this information tells us the probability of continuation of the movement. This indication is expressed by a number followed by the indication Long or Short. The number is part of a scale of percentage points going from 50% and 77%. The higher will be the number, the higher will be the possibilities that the present movement will continue in the direction Short or Long as indicated by the same instrument.

This indication refers to the movement of the running price, so we will have a 65% percentage of possibilities to have the close price higher than the open one if the indicator reports 65% LONG.